Saturday, September 10, 2005

Philippines: Muscle Memory

muscle memory, originally uploaded by Farl.

"The Philippines claims to produce the handsomest mat in Asia. Perhaps the most renowned are those from the Samal weavers of the island of Laminusa, Tawi-Tawi."

"BANIG or mats are a must in the days before cheap mattresses. Used as traditional bed cover, the banig is porous, cool and smooth and is made from leaves of the screwpine palm (local terms are pandan or rombon). The Badjao and Samal mat is the most intricate and fine-grained in the country. Preparation takes one week, with at least 2 cycles of boiling, stick-beating, drawing into strips, sun-bleaching and finally dying. Weaving consumes another two to five weeks." more information...


Blogger blogging mistress on a rest said...

the banig look more priceless while being produced, than they do when they're hung in stalls ready to be sold

7:49 AM  

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